Our Track Record

Over the past 15 years we supported more than 70 clients, in over 20 countries and across more than 100 assets. Throughout the 800 projects we've worked on, we've totalled more than 270,000 manhours. So we've a lot of experience. But don't just take our word for it. Browse through our ideas and case studies and make up your own mind.

Our Ideas

We've lots of ideas to reduce cost, increase recovery, get more value from infrastructure and extend field life. Our methods are just as relevant today as they were 15 years ago - and our technology is even better.

Life of Field Modelling

To model full system behaviour, life of field, to see where real bottlenecks are reached and where real production problems occur


To provide simple solutions to address key operational issues with minimum facilities

Rig to Shore Idea Transfer

To facilitate implementation of new ideas offshore

Partial Processing

To increase value from existing process kit and avoid installing new equipment

Slug Management

To provide stable gas and liquid delivery to platform/offshore terminal. Slug catchers for liquid are large and difficult to retrofit and downstream gas plant needs stable flow.


Reduce CAPEX and OPEX through the provision of partial processing/debottlenecking

Hub & Lighthouse

To reduce platform OPEX and extend field life

Cricondentherm Control

Reduce costs through the ability to separate and condition gas on unmanned satellite production platforms


To maximise value from existing gas pipelines infrastructure


Reduce development costs by providing an alternative artificial lift to gas lift/ESPs/HSPs

Our Case Studies

With more than 800 projects under our belt, we've got all the experience needed to handle your most difficult challenge.

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