Subsea Projects In Execute Phase

Practical experience and a clear understanding of the critical
interfaces and associated risks are fundamental to efficiently
managing projects through to start-up.

Ingen uses a range of experience and expert knowledge to assess the design solution alongside the ultimate operational needs. Using this approach enables us to provide clear, practical advice on the needs of the project whilst providing the  mechnical skills required to solves any challenges that might arise. We support our customers through complex projects using the right mix of construction, commissioning and start-up experience coupled with a detailed understanding of operational techniques and tools

Why Use Ingen?

  • Clear transformation of design into operational
  • Experience to assess FEED decisions and
    provide practical solutions
  • Focus on protecting areas of the design that
    add value – prevent cost only based decisions
    that may affect operability/production
  • Effective facilitation of inter-disciplinary
    project scopes
  • Improved effectiveness using personnel with
    experience in managing projects through construction,  commissioning and start up
  • Work efficiently by understanding what
    needs to be done and when
  • Track record in taking developments
    through to start-up and beyond
  • Owner engineer approach to problem
  • Ability to develop and implement novel
    tools to aid operational management and
    troubleshoot upsets in production
  • ISO 9001 and a high staff ratio ensures
    consistent quality and team stability
  • Responsive, enthusiastic service

Our Recent Work

We provide our services to customers around the world, with a track record of engineering solutions
with more than 70 customers, in over 20 countries.








Athena, Causeway/Fionn


Blane, Burghley, Auk North


EPIC management, production assurance and operational procedure development

Operating guidelines supported by Cooldown Tool

Operating procedures supported by Safestart Tool

Project management, commissioning and start-up procedures. Offshore support through to first oil.

Core Competencies

Ingen engage fully with the subsea and topsides project teams to gain a complete understanding of the overall system, operational needs, field infrastructure, technical constraints and potential operational risks.

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