Student Placement: Andzile

Tell us about yourself

I’m Andzile Ndzabukelwako, 17 years old, from Dalziel high School in Motherwell. I have completed six years in secondary and starting to study chemical engineering at University of Edinburgh in September. My creativity and problem-solving skills grew rapidly as my high school years progressed. I have a passion for lab work where I experiment with chemicals. Maths, physics and chemistry are subjects I thoroughly enjoy as it stimulates my mind. However, my favourite subject at school was Media.

I am an out-going person who adores travelling. This year I climbed to the summit of Ben Nevis for St Andrew’s Hospice I consider this one of my greatest accomplishments so far. As an active person, I attend the gym and participates in a few sports such as basketball, football and netball in school. When I’m not hanging out my friends or babysitting, I play my cello and write poetry.

Why did you want to experience working in the oil and gas industry?

I wanted to gain some knowledge and understanding of what a chemical engineer does to a day to day basis in this industry. Chemical engineering is broad sector of engineering where there is a lot of different areas to get a career in such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food technology etc. so, getting work experience in one of the several pathways of chemical engineering was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass on.

What did you get up to during your time here at Ingen?

I’ve been helping the Sprint campaign targeting clients in the Middle East by creating crib sheets and filling in target client spreadsheets. I had to create a LinkedIn profile to help me complete those tasks. Amelia McRae was given those tasks to get to busy when I wasn’t attending meeting or chatting with others in the Ingen like Maryam Gharebaghi who telling me about the Galapagos Field Development project.

In the Emissions forecaster meeting, Richard Wallace and others skype called clients from Trinidad and Tobago discussing how the forecaster works and its setup. Then I attended the Drones & fugitives skype meeting with a man from Chicago, he was explaining to us how the drones save the clients’ money as they detected leaking pipes and send the data footage back to the main server. I’ve been attending a lot of meeting like Green team meeting, STEM meeting etc. and I’ve spent lot of time reading about the oil and gas industry and I also got the chance to use HYSYS which was fun.

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