Student Placement: David

David, tell us about yourself

I’m David Singleton, I’m 17, and am currently in my 6th year in Oldmacher Academy, on student placement at Ingen Ideas and Performance Improvements. I want to do my best at school and am currently waiting for my final exam results. My interests at school are art, design and technology, graphic communication and physics. Although maths and equations don’t come easily to me, despite my best efforts, I am still trying to achieve a higher level grade. When I’m not at school I enjoy working out, and reading about things that are interesting to me, and I also enjoy drawing.

I’ve always known that I would like to work in a more practical way and not spend all my time working behind a desk. Not because it’s boring, but I would simply prefer to take a more active role within a workplace and have more variety. The issue I’m having is finding a course that would be right for me.

Why did you want to experience working in the oil and gas industry?

I wanted to experience an oil and gas workplace and to gain some understanding of the type of work that takes place in the industry. I wanted to get an idea of the nature of work I’d like to aim for, so that I can focus on what course I need to apply for.

What did you get up to during your time here at Ingen?

I’ve been constantly busy working on tasks given to me by employees who have far more experience in their fields then I would ever know about. I’ve had chance to work with Amy Bathgate, Richard Wallace, Matanat Charkazova, Kofi Nyadu, Felix Ritchie, Nadine ElMallah, and Maryam Gharebaghi. I’ve been able to learn about; Ingen and PI’s softwares for field development, and energy tracking and forecasting, other softwares such as HYSIS, as well as an understanding of OGA licencing, what it’s like to work offshore, and the role of IChemE in process engineering. I also created a LinkedIn profile, and had a mentor session with Maryam who is also the Mentor Coordinator for the Aberdeen IChemE Group.

Do you think your time here has been beneficial?

I’ve found my time with Ingen and PI to be very beneficial as I got the chance to work alongside brilliant people who’ve been incredibly helpful and patient with me. My time with them has helped me to understand how they support the oil and gas industry, and how they can effect and improve offshore projects.

I’ve found my time here very interesting and far different to the previous work experience that I’ve done. This has made it very enjoyable. The differences were difficult to start with, but I’ve come to understand how this workplace operates, and the importance it has.

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