To provide simple solutions to address key operational issues with minimum facilities


Notebook #1

The Notebook demonstrates a few ideas which have provided solutions to operational issues in the past and may be applicable in other specific problem areas in the future.  Generic ideas are added to the notebook as a potential source for future ideas.

Sand removal

  • Decrease fluid velocity in expanded line
  • On a timer, valve to sand recovery opens, blows sand away then closes
  • Avoids requirement for expensive sand cyclones
  • Sand for recovery or to sand chute/caisson
  • Interface level control
  • Combine nucleonic with float level transmitters to estimate interface level and quality check interface floats

Gas export auto-refrigeration

  • Improve export gas dew point and condensate recovery
  • Where export compression capacity is available reconfigure to remove more heat in export cooler than is input in compressor work – suction cooling and condensate knock-out/dew point depression


Easily implemented solutions

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