Digital Projects

Woman and man looking at 3D model on computer Woman and man looking at 3D model on computer

Digital Projects integrates your data, drawings, documents and databases from a variety of scopes and contractors to provide a unified view across your project and asset. This reduces the number of project deliverables, maximizes the use and reuse of engineering and asset data and information, and ensures a high-level of data quality is achieved and maintained across your organization’s data and information assets.

Ensure alignment and conformance

We define, deliver and maintain your engineering and asset information programs, making sure that your project team and asset operators are consistently aligned.

Determine missing or duplicate data

By processing millions of data records from a variety sources, we help you identify and fix any missing, incomplete or duplicate data records quickly.

Jim Purvis, Operations Director

Jim Purvis

Operations Director, Digital Projects, Advisian Digital

Jim is a mechanical engineer with over 30 years’ experience in the international capital facilities industry. Jim has held various technical positions across a number of sectors. As well as completing EPC projects from inception to start-up; he’s a trained risk and value engineering facilitator and experienced in strategic planning and execution. In this role Jim works with North American facility operators to create a data-centric project environment across the full asset lifecycle.