Ingen Subsea Rising

One of the lesser known capabilities of Ingen is our subsea expertise, led by Steve Rolfe. In fact you could say this is something we’ve kept under the radar – or even ‘under the water’! However, despite our focus on delivery, our recent customer successes have enabled us to establish […]


Need Reduce development costs by providing an alternative artificial lift to gas lift/ESPs/HSPs Idea Inject condensate downhole either through annulus, dual-completion or coiled tubing Benefits No need for gas re-compression for lift or ESP or HSP Improved separation Unmanned platform opportunities increased Share this Article Facebook Twitter LinkedIn


Need To maximise value from existing gas pipelines infrastructure Idea To maximise value from existing gas pipelines infrastructure Increase flow and bring in marginal fields without the need to build more pipelines Run existing dense phase pipelines multiphase – lower arrival pressures – increase capacity Stabilise liquid flow with velocity […]


Need Reduce costs through the ability to separate and condition gas on unmanned satellite production platforms Idea All wellhead fluids currently exported as a single multiphase fluid system Install bulk liquid/gas separation Install gas dehydration Install gas chilling coil (submerged) and auto-refrigeration (J-T valve) Benefits No further gas conditioning needed No liquid […]


Need To reduce platform OPEX and extend field life Idea Reconfigure group of individual production facilities to ‘Hub and Lighthouses’ Retire Lighthouses’ compression facilities and route separator off-gas to hub via new LP pipelines Import Lighthouse lift gas from gas export pipeline Benefits Reduced OPEX in existing facilities giving improved […]