Policy Statement


At Ingen a QHSSE culture is embedded throughout our business and is critical to the way we work – our customers expect it and we have pride in the delivery of all that we do. The Leadership Team is committed to, and accountable for, the implementation of the business structure and systems that support the realisation of this policy.



  • The Managing director is accountable for this policy’s implementation and provision & availability of the necessary resources.
  • Line management is responsible for the compliance with this and all other policies.
  • All Ingen employees and sub-contractors have a responsibility to understand this Policy Statement and know that they are responsible for the quality of their own work and to support and participate in the process and objectives.


Ingen is committed to deliver our services effectively and efficiently in accordance to our clients’ specified needs and to satisfy the expectations of our stakeholders. Ingen is committed to ensuring that its activities shall have minimal impact upon the environment and to providing a healthy, safe and secure work environment through the prevention of injury, ill health, pollution and operational loss.


To Achieve this Ingen Shall:

  • Focus on the customer and deliver high quality services.
  • Strive to be the best in our sector by delivering projects beyond clients’ expectations.
  • Train and develop a workforce that is competent (support our employees by providing communication, training, and prevention programs, equipment and other resources to enable fulfilment of this policy).
  • Maintain an integrated Business Management System (BMS) compliant with ISO 9001, ISO 14001and QHAS 18001.
  • Adhere to the requirements of our BMS and evaluate its quality and effectiveness
  • Maintain quality objectives based on industry standards and best practice.
  • Fulfil our compliance obligation to applicable legislation, relevant standards, codes of practice and client requirements
  • Assess and control the aspects & impacts of our activities upon the environment
  • Monitor our performance and address deficiencies where identified, alongside risks and opportunities to drive improvement.
  • Efficiently use natural resources and recycle wherever possible by minimising waste and emissions to air, land and water.
  • Evaluate suppliers based on their environmental performance.
  • Strive to use local suppliers to minimise our carbon footprint where practical.
  •  Ingen shall continue to promote a OneWay culture, where all Health, Safety, Security and Environmental incidents are considered preventable and all personnel are aware of the responsibilities and accountabilities for ensuring that there is no injury/illness to person, damage to the environment or plant or equipment as a result of our work.
  • Deploy the best leadership and management structure required to deliver this policy and ensure a continuous chain of responsibility.
  • Promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle and positive wellbeing culture amongst our employees and contractors.
  • Respond effectively to all incidents/accidents/near misses; report and investigate fully their causes and share the lessons learned to aid prevention of similar events occurring.


This statement applies to all Ingen locations and processes and will be communicated to all stakeholders/interested parties.


Wayne Strachan

Managing Director

July 2018